But who & what is Fotoachtergronden anyway? I would like to tell you more about this!

In addition to the advertising agency which I have been running since 2008, I launched the Fotoachtergrond.nl webshop in 2012. In this year I became the mother of a beautiful son myself. During his newborn shoot, I soon discovered the inconveniences of the photographer who imported her backgrounds from America for a fortune. Caution was advised, because oh dear if something were to happen to it! My creative brain went into action immediately. This had to be done differently!

So back to the drawing board and looking for the right materials and designs. Soon the first Fotoachtergronden were tested and with success! Ik started Fotoachtergronden.nl as a small webshop. Now 9 years later, Fotoachtergronden has grown into an official brand and a webshop with a huge range, which has many (international) satisfied customers.

Something that I am of course extremely proud of, but which I would never have been able to build without the trust of my customers. Service, customer focus and cooperation are therefore of paramount importance to me. My passion is really to create that perfect image together with you in combination with the right setting and backgrounds. For that reason, the personal contact with you always goes through me. Personal contact with you as a customer is very important to me, so you always have 1 fixed point of contact.

In the meantime I have been able to draw and design many designs and I have already devised many cool themes together with the photographer. It gives me a lot of energy to see what an incredibly cool image sometimes passes by on my screen!

Do you really want to excel with your photos? Have you had an idea for ages?

Let’s work together!

From a small webshop to
an international company

Our mission?
Convince you of your own creativity!

Nowadays I have a bigger team behind me. Together we think it is important to convince you of your own creativity.

How do we encourage this? By providing the latest designs and materials with our team every day.

We prefer to work closely with you and are happy to listen to your wishes. This way you are guaranteed to achieve a good end result with your project. Because that is the most important thing for us!

All the tools
you need

Visualize, combine and create. That is our starting point. with Fotoachtergronden we want to bring out the creative in you.

We show that you too can create and style beautiful photos, shop windows and other settings with the help of the right tools. And those tools, we have them in large numbers for you!

So what are you waiting for!?

The options are endless!

From dots to
stonen walls: we
have it for you!

On Fotoachtergronden.nl you will find a very spacious and varied choice of photo backgrounds. From stripes and dots to photos of wooden floors or stone walls, we have it for you.

Everything in the desired color and format. The possibilities are endless, so take a quick look at our collection.

Prefer your own custom printed image? It’s possible! We are happy to print your photo at no extra cost. Of course we do not share your files with third parties: all rights to the supplied photos and / or designs remain with you.

Prefer a different color?

Have you seen a crazy background, but is it just not the color you are looking for? Or are you just annoyed by that one spot? Let us know and we will adjust it for you with love! Feel free to ask us about the possibilities, we are happy to think along with you.

See you soon!